Garden 10.50 (add Chicken 12.50 add Steak Tips 15.00 Greek 11.75 add Chicken 13.75 add Steak Tips 16.75)
Antipasto 12.00
Antipasto con Tonno 13.25
Chef 11.75
Caesar 10.75 (add Chicken 12.75 add Shrimp 14.50 add Steak Tips 15.50 High Protein House Special Salad 15.00 add Steak Tips 18.00)
(Chicken tips, shrimp, feta cheese & bacon stir fry in a teriyaki marinade served over a Caesar Salad)
Cold Protein Salad 15.00
(Feta cheese, chicken, turkey & ham over green salad)
Caprese Salad 14.00
(Prosciutto, romaine lettuce, tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, basil, olive oil, salt & pepper)
Puopolo Salad 15.00
(Sautéed spinach and BBQ chicken tips served over a green salad)

Chicken 7.50 11.00
Minestrone 7.50 11.00
Beef Stew 7.50 11.00
Chicken Chowder 7.50 11.00
Chicken Escarole 7.50 11.00

(Plain, wheat, spinach or tomato)
Chicken Caesar 12.00
Chicken Tips 11.50
Chicken Salad 11.50
Chicken Feta 12.00
Tuna 11.50
Turkey 11.50
Steak Tip Wrap 12.25
Sal’s Special Wrap 12.00
Grilled chicken with sautéed spinach
Ham & Cheese 11.50
Roast Beef (Seasonal) 12.00
Garden Salad Wrap 10.75
(add chicken $2.00)
Greek Salad 10.75
(add chicken $2.00)
Low Carb Wrap 12.50
Chicken tip with bacon, lettuce & tomatoes
Cold Veggie Wrap 10.50
Lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles & cheese
High Protein Wrap 13.50
Teriyaki chicken, shrimp, romaine, feta cheese & bacon. Add steak tip for $2.00
Caprese Wrap 12.75
Romaine lettuce, tomato, fresh mozzarella, prosciutto, pesto, oil, salt & pepper
(add chicken $2.00)
Buffalo Chicken Finger Wrap 12.50
Steak Tip Ceasar Wrap 13.00
MLR Wrap 13.50
Chicken tips with rice, lettuce, tomato

Spaghetti, Ziti, Linguini or Cavatelli with choice of:
Marinara 11.50
Meatball 15.00
Eggplant 16.00
Sausage 16.00
Veal Parmesan 17.00
Chicken Parmesan 15.00
Chicken Cacciatore 16.25
Chicken Tips with Pasta in Marinara Sauce Cooked to order 16.00
Steak Tips with Pasta in Marinara Sauce Cooked to order 17.00
Chicken & Broccoli Alfredo 16.75
Chicken & Broccoli 16.75
Lasagna w/ 2 meatballs (No additional pasta) 16.75
Stuffed Shells w/ 2 meatballs (No additional pasta) 16.25
Ravioli w/ 2 meatballs (No additional pasta) 16.25 Ravioli with Chicken Parmesan (No additional pasta) 17.25
Tortellini w/ 2 meatballs (No additional pasta) 15.75
Shrimp Scampi (With your choice of pasta) 18.75
Baked Haddock (Served with rice and a side of salad) 18.75

Pasta Bolognese 15.00
Tortellini Alfredo 15.75
Chicken àlla Siciliana (Chicken sautéed with garlic & tomatoes in red sauce) 16.25
Sal’s Special (Grilled chicken with spinach in an oil & garlic sauce) 16.25
Eggplant Special 16.25
(Two pieces of eggplant stuffed with chicken, onions, mushrooms & cheese)
Pasta Carbonara (Ham, egg, onions, & cheese sautéed with choice of pasta) 16.25
Gnocchi Bolognese 16.75
Southie Special (Grilled chicken, tomatoes & mushrooms in an oil & garlic sauce) 16.25
Pasta Pesto 16.25
Penne àlla Fiorentina 18.00
(Prosciutto, peas, onions & fresh tomatoes sautéed in a special cream sauce, with a touch of white wine – add chicken 1.50 extra)
The Veggie Special 15.75
(Broccoli, spinach, mushrooms, fresh tomatoes sautéed in our garlic & oil sauce… can also be served with grilled chicken or sausage for 11.50)
Pasta with Fresh Tomatoes 13.75
(Fresh plum tomatoes sautéed with our oil & garlic sauce)
JR Special 14.75
(Chicken cutlets with sautéed spinach and prosciutto. Add Pasta or Rice $2.00)
CL Special 16.25
(Wheat pasta cooked in oil garlic sauce with spnach, ham, with cut up chicken cutlets on top)
Penne àlla Vodka 19.00
(Substitute for chicken cutlet available)
Lobster Ravioli (With shrimp sautéed in a special cream sauce) 19.75

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